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RE: Flourish Iron, Correct dosage & procedure

	Thank you all for your recent comments on my over-purchase of both Flourish
and Flourish Iron. I use Flourish once-a-week at water changes per
directions, but am unsure as to dosing the iron product.

	The bottle says "Flourish Iron contains 10,000 mg/L of stabilized ferrous
iron suitable for the natural freshwater aquarium. . . . Directions: Use
0.5-1 mL . . . for each 40 liters . . . as required to maintain about 0.1
mg/L. Use MultiTest Iron test kit to monitor iron concentrations."

	Please help. What the hell does this all mean? As a "literature-person," it
would take me long hours of deliberation in my college biology/chemistry
books to figure out how to dose this brew. Unless I bought a $15 test kit,
which I don't want to do either. Is there some other "safe" method of use,
such as just adding ca. 9mL weekly at water changes (90gal tank)? Or would
it be better to add 1mL per day with a little extra for Sunday brunch? Would
it be possible to overdose using 9mL weekly, and if so, what would this
cause (kill the fish, etc.)? TIA for your help.

Glenn Hudspeth
GTA -- KU Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures
Lawrence, KS
ghudspeth at csi_com