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RE: Flourish Iron, Correct dosage & procedure

> From: Paul Sears <psears at nrn1_NRCan.gc.ca>
> Subject: Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #641
> 	I don't really see how it could be much clearer.  The only thing
> you need to know is that "m" stands for "one thousandth", and that "L"
> stands for "litre".

Stupid comment--mine was a rhetorical question. Additionally, you should
keep in mind that what might be crystal-clear to you isn't always to your
neighbor. Obviously if I only needed to know the definition of "milliliter"
(which I did, thank you) then I wouldn't have posted here. Your smart-ass
remarks clearly don't help.

> 	As a "science-person", I don't throw up my hands when I run across
> a bit of German.

So? Good for you. I don't believe that my asking a question here on the APD
could be characterized as "throwing up my hands." Rather it's an attempt to
collect more information and to learn more about what I'm doing. Are you
offended that I've called myself a "literature person?" Do you feel
insufficient because you might not be? The comment wasn't aimed at you, only
to indirectly point out that I don't have a very strong background in
chemistry or other sciences.

> 	There has been quite a bit of discussion here lately on the
> dubiousness of iron test kits.  Nevertheless, if you want to "monitor
> iron concentrations", you must either do some sort of test or look at
> your plants to see what is going on.

Exactly. Mine was a request for more information on how to dose without a
test kit, which you didn't provide. Mr. Wong, in another message, indirectly
answered my question by stating that he adds 1mL/gal. daily, or the leaves
in his tank would otherwise turn yellow. A lot more helpful--at least it
gives me something to start with.

> 	You seem to have done the arithmetic called for in the instructions
> without any problem.  That is ~1 ml per 40 liters in 90 U.S.

Yes, I don't have much problem with basic multiplication. Calculating the
number of ml to add to 90 gal. to achieve a 0.1mg/L concentration, and how
often this dosing should be repeated, is quite a different story, however.

I must say that I'm quite disappointed in your disdainful response, which
amounted to no more than a subtle flame--so subtle that it's not directly
obvious that it *is* a flame. In essence, however, it was designed to make
its recipient feel ridiculous for asking.

Sorry I don't have the same "high science" background as you. You're
certainly not doing a service to the APD by discouraging those less
knowledgeable than yourself, and you certainly did me no service with such a
pointless response that failed to give any more information than "buy a test
kit or watch your plants," (rather ambiguous, IMO) so why did you even

I've never understood how someone can approach a group of people like this,
admitting to not having as much knowledge in the particular area that you
do, and be ridiculed for it. Or is aquatic gardening only the domain of
those with a prerequisite amount of chemistry? I don't know what your
profession is, but I hope it's not teaching. Until you can understand those
who aren't endowed with as much "genius" as yourself and can have patience
with their questions, you'd make quite a shitty one.

"Du siehst, wohin du siehst, nur Eitelkeit auf Erden..." Andreas Gryphius

Glenn Hudspeth
GTA -- KU Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures
Lawrence, KS
ghudspeth at csi_com