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[Fwd: Forward Message 1 for APD list.]

Hi, folks,

Below is a message from Vectrapoint.  They have actually tried on at
2 occasions to post this message to the APD list but for some reasons,
message failed to appear.  I don't know whether it's because the message
is being blocked or is it because Vectrapoint didn't send it correctly. 
Anyway, after the many messages concerning the Aqua Journal, I feel that
it would be a good thing if their subscribers should get to read
Vectrapoint's response.  I know that this mailing list is essentially
for people to talk about aquatic plants and I apologise for taking up
unnecessary bandwidth here. But 
over where I live in sunny Singapore, when someone calls you a crook or
when someone, basing on his gut feelings says that something isn't right
with you, we believe we should have, at least, the 'right of reply'.

Thank you and once again, if this irritates you, sorry.  Please note
that I will be forwarding another 2 messages from Vectrapoint.  Please
also note that I'm just a friend of James Lim and I do not have any
financial interest in the publication of the Aqua Journal.  Just like
any other subscriber, I have to pay for my copy too.

Loh K L

Vectrapoint Publishing wrote:

> >Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1998 08:38:38 +0800
> >To: Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com
> >From: Vectrapoint Publishing <jl at vectrapoint_com>
> >Subject: Aqua Journal Magazine
> >Cc:
> >Bcc:
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> > Date: Fri, 06 Nov 1998 15:21:57 -0800
> > From: Dave Gomberg <gomberg at wcf_com>
> > Subject: Amano mag
> >
> > At 05:54 PM 11/6/98 -0500,  JVanrompu at aol_com mentioned:
> > >In a message dated 11/6/98 4:06:05 PM Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com
> >writes:
> > ><< > If you want to know more about ADA
> >
> > >How do i know so much? Well,i was to be in the venture with Vectrapoint
> > >last year when we all went to Japan to work out this deal with Amano.
> > >>From our 1 week stay there in Japan,i "got to know" Vectrapoint a little
> > >better. Ever get that type of gut feeling that something's not right? Well
> > >i felt it then ;-)
> It has always been our company's policy not to be involved
> in discussions on mailing lists.  However, over the past few days there
> have been some grievances and complaints about our publication, the Aqua
> Journal and we feel there's a need to respond to the messages posted
> Our apologies for taking up unnecessary bandwidth.
> The indirect message that was forwarded to the mailing list by
> Mr Dave Gomberg was, we believe, written by one of our ex-investors of
> Vectrapoint.  Unfortunately, things did not work out between us and we
> can empathise with him the reasons why he wrote such a message. I guess
> you can figure out the rest of the story.
> When our company Vectrapoint Publishing initiated the Aqua
> Journal project last year,  there were 2 other venture capitalists who
> expressed their keen interest in participating and were therefore also invited
> to ADA headquarters in Japan by Mr Amano.  However, after finding out
> that the project involves substantial costs and a long term investments, these
> 2 decided to withdraw from the venture.  We are saddened that one of
> these 2 ex-investors has made some erroneous and irresposible statements
> about our company.
> We are pleased to inform some of our subscribers on this list that the
> subsequent issue of the Aqua Journal is on its way. In fact, we believe
> that most of our
> airmail subscribers should have received their copies by now.  For those
> who have not, it could be because they have changed their mailing
> address before our post out date or their copy may lost in transit.
> This is inevitable as out of a few thousand copies mailed, there are bound
> to be some that will go missing.  You can alway write to us and I am
> sure our subscription Dept has been informed to review every
> case throughly.
> As for surface mail subscribers, the duration of
> transit is entirely up to the shipping location, some inland places
> located away from shipping drop off ports and so may take quite a while
> longer than others. So, I urge you to be patient.
> We like to take the opportunity here to assure all subscribers that you
> will definately get your Aqua Journal.  But please do not hesitate to write
> us if
> you have any inquiries concerning your subscription. We know at times we do
> reply late due the overwhelming equiries we recieved each day and some was
> addressed to the wrong department handling this issue.We will do our best
> to reply soonest.
> James Lim
> Publisher of the Aqua Journal
> The Art & Science of Aquatic Gardening.
> Nature Aquarium Website : Http://www.vectrapoint.com
> Press Release : Http://www.vectrapoint.com/main/events/pressevents.html
> Email : jl at vectrapoint_com
> For subscription matter, please address your mail to our Subscription Dept
> Contact Samantha at subscribe at vectrapoint_com