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Vectrapoint Publishing wrote:
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> >> Date: Fri, 06 Nov 1998 15:21:57 -0800
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> >> Subject: Amano mag
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> >> >In any case,we were in the midst of seeking rights to publish/translate a
> >> >few of Amano's other articles for our CD when we got a "legal threat" from
> >> >Vectrapoint against doing it! :-P
> >> >Which is of no basis at all as we were talking to Amano and seeking rights
> >> >for his Japanese articles,in the first place. And we were looking to even
> >> >be able to advertise the AquaJournal in our CD! :-P...*sigh*..it's a sad
> >> >story anyway...won't bore u any further. ;-)
> >
> We confirm that it is true that our company has sent these 2
> ex-investors, a letter of caution. We feel that they, being ex-investors of
> our company,  we are obliged to alert them  as a courtesy on our part,
> regarding infringment of intellectual property and copyrights of our
> publications
> before we commence any legal action, which may have cost them substantially in
> compensation if they had proceeded with their intention of using Aqua
> Journal's
> materials in their CD-ROM project.
> One point our ex-investor did not make clear in his email
> which I understand from our counterpart in Japan, his actual intention was to
> use extracts from the Aqua Journal English for his CD rom project.  He had
> approached Mr Amano for FREE use of "translated" Aqua Journal materials in
> exchange for advertisement of ADA products on their CD-ROM project.
> We feel that as an ex-investor of our company, he should have been aware
> that Vectrapoint has exclusive international rights to the English edition of
> the Aqua Journal and should have liase with us instead of communicating
> direct with ADA.
> Understandably, permission was denied.  ADA and Mr Amano has also informed us
> that he does not want to be involved in any project carried out by the 2
> ex-investors
> nor anything to do with them.
> Anyway, currently, Mr Amano is holding an exhibition on Different Faces of
> the Rainforest at Fuji Photo Salon, Toyku. If you like to meet him in person,
> don't miss the 6-Day event. If you do meet Mr Amano, I'm sure he
> will let you in on this incident.
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