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RE: Amo(sp) = Weirdo

> Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 12:15:35 +0900
> From: "Ryan Stover" <fishboy at neotown_com>
> Subject: RE: Amo(sp) = Weirdo
> The deodorant will mask that common fish tank smell,

There is a 280 gallon open topped aquarium on the middle of my living room.
It does not smell.  Likely that is because I don't add any "Pine forest
deodorant" to it.

> Since you
> obviously don't know the Nature Aquarium approach and science
> behind it you should once again not pass judgement.

You will find that folks on this list are generally quite reluctant to put
things in their tanks without knowing what they are.  I would be doubly
concerned about introducing something labelled as "Disinfectant" as the
healthy operation of my aquarium depends on the presence of many "Germs."

> If you want to know more about ADA
> products, planted tanks, and the science behind ADA get an issue of Aqua
> Journal. This can be found at www.vectrapoint.com.

I sent these folks a rather large amount of money late last year or there
abouts.  Sometime this spring I received one issue.  It was very pretty.  So
far that's all I have received.

The very act of seeking sets something in motion to meet us;
something in the universe, or in the unconscious responds as if
to an invitation.  - Jean Shinoda Bolen