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RE: Amo(sp) = Weirdo

 In my defense I must explain the whole story. I have only used the
deodorant cartridge once, and this is only because it came with the package
set. I now use the regular ADA cartridges because it is cheaper than the
Forest ones. My tanks do not stink either. I agree with the person who said
that if it does you should fix it rater than mask it. I too was wondering if
the Daisy BB cartridges of CO2 would fit the regulator. When I return to
America I will test this. They almost look like the same size. Other
companies sell these cartridges of CO2, but at a lower price than ADA.
Unfortunately they don't fit. The reason I use the ADA CO2 system is the
price of a bottle of CO2 here is outrageous, not to mention the 80$ refill
for a 3lb bottle! Another benefit for _me_ is that the CO2 system is
compact. If I was in America I would invest in a larger unit, but now I only
have my little 20 gallon running on the CO2 set-up. My other two tank use
the yeast method. And I still hate changing those bottles.

 As for vectrapoint.com I have not subscribed with them. And thanks to your
comments I might not. I have instead bought single issues of the English
version at a huge aquarium shop in Shibuya, Tokyo. The price for the
Japanese edition is 500 (~$4) yen and the price for the English edition is
900 yen (~$7.50). This is a little cheaper than what vectrapoint sells it
for. Once again, thanks for the heads up.

 Now to try and answer a question by Kelly Beard. All of Amano's tank are
made with glass from Germany. I'm not sure if they are built in Germany or
Japan though. I have exchanged email with Art G..(something)at Nature
Aquarium Imports and he says that he has no plans to import them. And I bet
if he did the price would be super expensive. ADA tanks are part of their
line, just not part of the American line.

 Of course ADA is in it for the money, this I will not dispute. One good
example is the Wisa air pump distributed by ADA for over 200 dollars! A new
product by ADA is something called Bright Sand. All this is is a fine grade
light brown sand, no additives at all. And this sell for 900 yen (~7.50) for
3 liters! The buyer must truly be aware in Japan.