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RE: Amo(sp) = Weirdo

 It was hard to tell who posted this message so I don't know who I should be
addressing. One thing if you are going to slam a man spell his name right.
Another thing is how are you going to slam a product you have never used?
You should get the facts before you pass judgement. The 74 Forest CO2
cartridge contains a disinfectant and deodorant. The deodorant will mask
that common fish tank smell, and the disinfectant will kill germs, mildew,
and reduce oil on the surface of the water. You have to admit that a new
tank sometimes stinks. The Forest CO2 cartridge is to be used during the
first few months after one sets up the tank. Both of these CO2 cartridges
will last about 3 months in a 20 gallon tank. This is with a 2 bubble a
second count. I have bought the CO2 Standard System for 16,000 yen or about
123 dollars when the yen rate was good. The CO2 Standard System included: a
simple regulator, 1 canister of the 74 Forest, stand, Green Bactor,
diffuser, bubble-counter, green tubing, and suction cups. Every 3 months I
have to buy a new canister of CO2 for about 9 bucks. Now I don't think this
is an outrageous price to pay for a complete CO2 system. I still use the
yeast method, but changing the bottles is a pain in the neck. Since you
obviously don't know the Nature Aquarium approach and science behind it you
should once again not pass judgement. If you want to know more about ADA
products, planted tanks, and the science behind ADA get an issue of Aqua
Journal. This can be found at www.vectrapoint.com.
 I'm not totally defending Amano and his products. Yes, he does sell
somethings you can do without. But in terms of class and style he comes out