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Writght wrote regarding Glosso:  >>> I think I found out why mine never
did well. Most of my plants are in moderate-to-hard water. Glossostigma
seems to flourish across the bay in SF ultra-soft water. It looks like
it just does not like harder water.  Any confirmation for this
That's exactly what Karen Randall told me during her presentation here
in San Francisco, Wright.  She said she cannot grow Glosso in her hard
Boston water, but that she can grow a Lilliaeopsis (sp.?) lawn quite
easily.  In soft water, I have tried unsuccessfully for years under all
sorts of conditions to grow a Lilliaeopsis lawn.  Even the mighty "muddy
water" veteran, George Booth, once told he couldn't grow a Lilliaeopsis
lawn in his soft Rocky Mountain runoff water!
So I would like to ask the group, have any of you grown a Lilliaeopsis
lawn in really soft water?  If yes, I would love to hear any details you
might have.
Regards, Steve Dixon