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Re: Algae eating fish

> Jordanella floridae (american flagfish): eats green hair algae (did a great
> job in my tank); a nifty but territorial, cichlid-like fin nipper that's no
> friend to rainbowfish.

Wow, I'm surprised that people's experience with flagfish are so different
from mine. I had 5 adult flagfish (3M & 2 F) in a 29 with 4 adult M.
parkinsoni. The parkinsonis' fins were shredded by the flagfish.

I move the flagfish to a 55 gallon, with the same result to some M. praecox.

Maybe in the first case the tank wasn't large enough, and in the second,
the plants were  too sparse (just starting out with plants in the 55).

Any comments on the suitability for bristlenose plecos/farrowellas for a
planted tank?


Stephen Boulet, Grayslake, IL, USA
spboulet at enteract dot com