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re: Algae Break In Period

Steve Dixon wrote:

>One thing you've said indicates that you have an excess
>of nutrients and/or an imbalance of nutrients.  0.2 ppm iron
>is way too much iron, especially early on.  We have often
>talked on this forum about 0.1 ppm being an upper limit
>on iron, with quite a few of us believing even this is too
>much.  My preferred level of iron is "just detectable."  Why
>are you adding 3 Dupla drops per day when your iron
>level is 0.2 ppm?

Steve, the measurements I have taken of the iron content in Dupla drops
and the Dupla tablets suggest the amount of iron in the tablets so much
outweighs the amount in the drops that I wonder why we need to add
the drops at all -- at least for iron.

Dupla doesn't provide a "guaranteed analysis" of the ingredients in its
product line so one is left to speculate what the varius components in their
regimen provide.  It has been suggested that the drops contain ingredients
which are not stable and therefore benefit from daily dosing. Are these
unstable elements harmones (?), nutrients other than iron?

It has also been suggested that the iron itself is unstable and must
therefore be dosed daily.  I am not a chemist but my understanding is that
the (likely) form of iron in all the Dupla products (Fe++)  _is_  reasonably
stable and therefore should not require daily dosing. This further suggests
that there is something more in the daily drops than just iron.

The bottom line of it for me is:
1) Since measured levels of iron in the drops is so low relative
    to the tablets, I don't worry to much about adding to much of
    the drops -- at least for iron.
2) It sure would ge nice if Dupla provided a guarenteed analysis
    of its product line.

Christopher Coleman
christopher.coleman at worldnet_att.net