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Re: Eating Hair algae / Pencil Fish

I recently put in 9 Pencil Fish into my 108gal and my hair algae is comming
under control now. My problem was that I was getting hair algae growing on
the gravel and on and in between my glossostigma.
Pencil Fish swim around and rip off one strand of hair algae at a time.

I also added a pair of dwarf goramis. The male is constantly grabbing clumps
of algae to build his bubble nest. Its like having a little robot that
collects the hair algae and puts it in a clump for you.

I also added an older Fluval external filter to the tank to suplement my
existing overflow/sump type filter. I put filter wool and carbon to get some
better water clarity and I have a hunch that the carbon might just be able
to reduce the levels of allelo-chemicals present <- I have no idea if this
is true but it sounds plausable doesnt it?

Bryan Olynyk
ots at shaw_wave.ca