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Re: Eating Hair algae / Pencil Fish

Peter said...

>i've heard that hornworts contains an allelopathic behavior to algaes.  which
>means, they will prevent algae from growing in their colony.  have any of you
>heard that before?

Yes I have with respect to cyanobacteria, but I don't believe it.

Bryan Olynyk said...

>I recently put in 9 Pencil Fish into my 108gal and my hair algae is comming
>under control now. My problem was that I was getting hair algae growing on
>the gravel and on and in between my glossostigma.
>Pencil Fish swim around and rip off one strand of hair algae at a time.

I'm just curious as to which species of pencilfish you added.

Dave Whittaker
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca