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Crossing the US/Canadian border

Claude Huss wrote:
>Subject: Crossing the Canadian border?

>I have a friend of mine who has a wonderful collection of aquatic plants
>in Vancouver, BC. As she is going back to Hong Kong she offered me her
>collection. My question is... Is there any import/export regulation
>or quarantine procedure when bringing aquatic plants from Canada to the

Yes. The US is very picky about bringing plants across the border. Without
a permit they may take them all away. It's possible that if all the roots
are washed bare it may be okay. You would have to check with someone else
on that. Who out there knows the rules on this?

What kind of aquatic plants are these? Pond plants or aquarium plants? I
live in Vancouver and belong to an active aquatic plant group. I don't know
who this person is but it's very possible our group would be interested in
her plants. We are also having an auction here on Nov 8th at which she
could sell the plants and any other equipment, fish etc. that she no longer
wishes to keep.

Any chance of getting her e-mail address. :)

in Vancouver where the rain in holding off.