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Watts, Lux, Lumens

   I've been looking into lighting upgrades for my 37 gal. planted tank.
I understand that my Eclipse 3 hood provides inadequate watts per unit area
and limits my choice of bulbs to 24 inch T8s. I want to make an enlightened
decision so I started investigating different bulbs.
   As I studied different flourescent bulbs, It occurred to me that not all
are created equal. I was looking at Hagen's line of bulbs (www.hagenpets.com)
and I noticed that various bulbs of the same wattage have vastly different lux
lumen ratings. Not to mention spectral characteristics.
   Now I'm confused. I know what watts are but I don't understand lux and
I looked up those terms in my dictionary but it wasn't very illuminating.
   As my poor addled brain struggled to assimilate this flood of information
questions came up.

   What spectral characteristics are best for aquatic plants?

   Would a formula based on lux or lumens per unit area be more meaningful
watts per unit area? Watts are after all a measure of electrical power not

Can anyone shed some light on this mystery?

Mark Stahlke