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Tank leveling redux

>Last night I thought I'd be creative and go to
>Home Depot and see what I could find.  I just happened across a
>package of wood shims that are used when installing a door.  I tried
>these shims in vain to get the tank level

The construction shims mentioned work best in this application if they are
used in pairs, with the slopes of the two shims opposed. Place the shims
opposite each other with the thin ends touching. As you push the shims
together (one rides up the slope of the other) the top and bottom surfaces
remain parallel.
A common mistake is to attempt to pound a single shim in under the edge of
a heavy object, the result being that the edge of the object just planes
off the top of the shim until it forms a shoulder that prevents the shim
from being driven in any furthur. That would be the scenario that applies
if the aquarium mentioned is full of water. It is much easier to level the
stand first, then put the aquarium on top. Lacking a level, you can use the
tank itself with an inch or so of water in the bottom. Eyeball it for even
depth. You should shim under all weight bearing framing members in the
stand, eg. anyplace where a frame member runs down to the floor, certainly
at the corners.

One more thing, the bandsawn-from-2x4's shims that come shrink wrapped in a
little block are far superior to the not-good-enough-to-be-shingles cedar
(not that again!) shakes that come in a big bundle.