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Re: No "misnomer" no sireee!

>Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 16:02:40 -0700
>From: Olga Betts <sae at arts_ubc.ca>
>This probably wasn't because there wasn't any algae. There *is* algae in a
>"new" aquarium and no one has suggested that you put the fish in the minute
>you set it up. You should plant heavily with fast growing plants and wait
>*two weeks* before introducing algae eaters. If you have set your tank up
>correctly with enough light and nutrients for the plants there will be algae.

Umm, well, gee, I think I've said to put algae eathers in mere seconds
after adding the water and plants. It's what I do. Always have. I use
el-cheapo black mollies at first just in case there is something funny in
the water although there never has been anything funny in the water. I add
SAEs and otos and corys and farlowella after a few days. 

>>Second:  when you start an aquarium it cycles.  Algae eaters are
>>verry sensitive fish and cannot handle the Ammonia & Nitrite peaks you will
>NOTE: Heavily planted tanks *do not cycle*. The plants use the ammonia the
>fish produce and there is no build up of ammonia or nitrite. That is why it
>is so beneficial to have a planted tank. I don't even have an ammonia or
>nitrite test kit. Don't need one. <g>

There is some peaking but you need a good quality test kit to see it.
Bacteria are in the water and form quickly on the tanks sides and
substrate. The bacteria will get to some of the ammonia just as will the
plants and will create a limited "cycle".  Basically this is correct though
- the peaks are very subdued and even sensitive fish are not at risk. 

George Booth, Ft. Collins, Colorado (booth at frii_com)
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