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Re: Contact reactions to plants?

In a message dated 10/14/98 7:54:20 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
Steve_Amor at eol_ieaust.org.au writes:

<< On the subject of reactions with plants I quote an article that appeared
 in The Weekend Australian, September 26, 1998....So, does the hobby for which
we all enjoy increase our chances on developing cancer? Does anyone know
anything more about "polyaromatic hydrocarbons"? >>

Thanks for your response Steve..don't know about any possible cancer
connections (and ain't givin up fish-keepin ;), but no more problems with
contact reactions since I pulled the salvinia and immature duckweed.  Now
think it could have been either or both.  Wasn't wise to neglect immediately
washing them off, was new to both plants and didn't realize till some minutes
later that the small duckweed in particular had stuck and dried on my arm. 

Have been careful since, and also have both plants isolated in a separate tank
now, not sure if I'll use them again.