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No "misnomer" no sireee!

(previously written by "Bev")
>>When I do add the fish, I understand that i must add the algae eater first
>>(bristle nose catfish, Otto, siamese flying foxes, and golden algae eaters)

"Gary J. Plano Jr." wrote:

>I want to address this issue.  I do not know where this Misnomer has
>started, but it needs to stop.

Misnomer isn't the word you need but whatever,...this is NOT a misconception!

  When you first start an
>aquarium.......THERE IS NO ALGAE, algae eaters eat ALGAE, at least I think
>so?? ---especially when they are younger.  I have seen and heard soo many
>people tell me how their algae eaters died 2 weeks after they bought them.

This probably wasn't because there wasn't any algae. There *is* algae in a
"new" aquarium and no one has suggested that you put the fish in the minute
you set it up. You should plant heavily with fast growing plants and wait
*two weeks* before introducing algae eaters. If you have set your tank up
correctly with enough light and nutrients for the plants there will be algae.

>Second:  when you start an aquarium it cycles.  Algae eaters are
>verry sensitive fish and cannot handle the Ammonia & Nitrite peaks you will

NOTE: Heavily planted tanks *do not cycle*. The plants use the ammonia the
fish produce and there is no build up of ammonia or nitrite. That is why it
is so beneficial to have a planted tank. I don't even have an ammonia or
nitrite test kit. Don't need one. <g>

in Vancouver where we have sun again! Just got back from a fabulous visit
with Erik and Kathy Olsen and Karen Randall in our sister city, Seattle.
Great fun!