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algae fairy tale

 "Wim Hanssens" wrote:
>Subject: Algae story (fairy tale???)

>I find this VERY hard to believe. This is the third or the fourth time I've
>posted something Black Brush Algae related and up to now I haven't got a
>satisfying answer yet for the question below.

Very frustrating, I know.

>If the story below were true , can somebody please explain to me why I've
>got BBA on ons side of my 30 gallon tank and not on the other(not one single
>strand). I have several rocks in there. All but 2 are covered in the stuff.

Probably water currents in the tank, temperature slightly different (where
is the heater?), light levels there a bit different...who knows. That is
not unusual. When I had lots of visible black hairy algae it was on one
plant at one end of the tank.

>as a last note: if all it takes is a balanced tank then why did the Goldfish
>tank have BBA. Surely your goldfish have just as much rights to a balanced
>tank as your other fish?

The goldfish tank is perfectly friendly to the fish. It is not balanced for
the plants and never will be...light too low, temperature too variable,
fish too fond of plants, too much water surface movement (driving off
available CO2) etc., etc.

 FWIW I think in this case the (sudden?) temp
>difference is what killed the stuff, plus the fact that SAE (or others) can
>"prevent" an outbreak (when hungry enough), but will not clean up a BBA
>infested tank.

Yup...I'm sure the temperature change had things to do with it along with
all the other "changes" that make that tank "balanced". And who says SAEs
will not clean up a BBA infested tank?? I have had them do just that
several times. And by the way, the black looking hairy algae is the hardest
to handle and even with good balancing and SAE's you will see small spots
of it here and there. The point is that it doesn't matter if there are some
small spots here and there. <g>

I recommend taking out a few net fulls of platies and adding several SAEs. 

in Vancouver where it is finally raining.