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Re: New Water Filter

Adam writes:

> I recently got a PUR water filter,  it is one of the half liter
>  pitchers.  I was cynical when I saw this at first.  However, after
>  putting water that comes out of the tap with a PH of 8-9 and have it
>  come out with a PH of 6.2 I have become a definate believer.  Does any
>  one know what is in this thing? All it says is that it contains a
>  "pleated microfiber"

This traps fine particulate matter suspended in the water, and is made of a
paper-like stuff.

>  an "ion exchange resin" and "activated carbon."
>  What is this "ion exchange resin"? 

This is the same stuff that is in water softener pillows, and replaces two
sodium ions for a calcium or magnesium ion.  It doesn't reduce total dissolved
solids and actually can increase conductivity.

> I'm guessing that this is what is
>  making it tick.  I'm not trying to plug the product, but am just
>  interested in applying whatever is at work here as a cheap alternative
>  to expensive water treatment gadgets and machines such as RO.

The output can be easier on your fish than tap water depending on the
properties of your tap water.  It is not, however, nearly as good as RO.  I'm
fascinated with the pH drop.  I suggest you try it again and see if you get
the same results.  My experience with these things does not support your
experience, but manufacturers do occasionally change the make-up of such
things, creating the "new-and-improved" models.  I'd appreciate knowing if the
test repeats on the next cartridge.

As for being a "cheap" alternative, it works out to about $.25 per gallon.
Figure out the cost of your RO membranes and how many gallons you get to
decide whether it is more affordable.

Bob Dixon