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Hair today - gone tomorrow revisited (ironite?)

just an update:

After monitoring levels in my tank with a recent outbreak of hair algae
i've noticed that I have night nitrates (140ppm),  some crapy fertilizer
that I should not have been using (possibly high phosphates in the
water) and low iron levels (0 - .5 ppm)  I recently picked up a bag of
ironite for my palm tree's and going to try it in the tank,  been
reading thru the archives about it and there's not much listed.

Another person recomended good conditions, a stable tank and patents,
well I have the last one and working on the first 2 :)  Been looking at
several different co2 injectors and I also picked up a water purifier
(aquarium pharmaceuticals tap water purifier) and changed 50% (2
weekends in a row) of the water and my NO3 is STILL 140 ppm!  Any
suggestions how to lower the NO3 (nitrates)

I also added a chinese butterfly loach (flat algae eating fish :) and
it's done a wonderful job of cleaning all the algae (cept the hair algae