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Re: Aqua Journal, Vectrapoint & Credit Cards Online

>Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 19:42:56 EDT
>From: Aquatect2 at aol_com
>Subject: Aqua Journal, Vectrapoint & Credit Cards Online
>Hi All,
>I visited the Vectrapoint website (http://www.vectrapoint.com) who are the
>English language publishers for the Aqua Journal and, although it looks
>promising, it left me a little uneasy about ordering the Journal with a
>card through their server.  Major portions of the site are under
>and indicated that it would be finished in February of 1998.  Not really
>complaining mind you, these things take time, but it just doesn't look well
>managed.  And why Singapore?  I know this is just my American chauvinism
>showing, but being lumped into the "All foreign country" category is a
>weird.  Anyway, has anybody used their online server for credit card orders
>and were you satisfied with the service?
I have ordered the Aqua Journal for 2 years through the online credit card
order.  I live in Hong Kong and it takes almost 12 weeks for the process but
they only credit your account once they ship the journal.
But the wait is worth for the high quality magazine though it is a bit thin
only have 60 pages.

Matthew Chan