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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #294

> Subject: Aqua Journal, Vectrapoint & Credit Cards Online
> Hi All,
> I visited the Vectrapoint website (http://www.vectrapoint.com) who are the
> English language publishers for the Aqua Journal and, although it looks
> promising, it left me a little uneasy about ordering the Journal with a credit
> card through their server.  Major portions of the site are under construction
> and indicated that it would be finished in February of 1998.  Not really
> complaining mind you, these things take time, but it just doesn't look well
> managed.  And why Singapore?  I know this is just my American chauvinism
> showing, but being lumped into the "All foreign country" category is a little
> weird.  Anyway, has anybody used their online server for credit card orders
> and were you satisfied with the service?
> Tom

  Vectrapoint acknowledged my order on February 11, 1998 and I still have yet to received my first journal.

Ed Hengel