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Re: Aqua Journal, Vectrapoint, and Credit Cards

Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:

> Loh,
> I saw your response to my post on the Aquatic Plants list.  It looks like I
> came across as being overly critical of the Singapore location.  My question
> was really directed more to Amano being from Japan so I was wondering what the
> connection was, not meaning to question your country's ability to host the
> magazine.  And no, I don't really expect the USA to get special treatment, I
> was just commenting out loud about how this globalization takes some getting
> used to.  I guess I should have limited my comments to the real concern, which
> is about use of a credit card, but I'm a stream of consciousness writer
> sometimes and I really do need an editor.  BTW, would you ask James to have
> them turn off those annoying flashing graphics on the website?  They really
> are incongruent with the Amano "style".  <g>
> Tom Wood
> In Austin, Texas where the smoke gets in my eyes.

Dear Tom,

Please rest assured that no offence was taken from your original post. 
I hope
my previous post didn't sound too highly defensive of my country too. 
is a really very small country (you wouldn't even find it on a world
map), and
that makes us Singaporeans a wee bit too sensitive to comments made
about our
inability to be a major player in the world market.  Well, like they
say, size
does matter, I suppose.

I knew James before he got hooked up with Amano and his Aqua Journals. 
was (and still is) a very keen aquatic plant hobbyist just like most of
folks here and before he met Amano, was a great admirer of his planted
They met during Aquarama 97 which was held in Singapore sometime in the
of last year.  I don't really know the full details but it seems like
Amano was
very impressed by the quality of James company's publications and his
interest in the hobby, that's why he gave his consent for James to come
with the English version of the Aqua Journals.  Well, I believe all of
subscribers to the magazine have only seen the first volume so far but I
think there's no doubting the quality of the print and paper.  The
quality of
the contents, I think we should only judge that after a few more issues.

About your concerns regarding the credit card and the annoying flashing
graphics on his website, I will tell James about it when he comes home.
I'm sure he will be very happy to get some feedback about his magazine,

Loh K L