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RE: Chroma 50's

I've found a place in Richland, MO. called ATR Lighting who either stocks or
can get any kind of bulb imaginable.  The phone # is 1-800-624-4568 and
their home page is http://www.atrltg.com.  I have their catalog, 
18" and 24" Chroma 50's are $3.60 
36" Chroma 50's are $4.45
48" Chroma 50's are $3.00
48" Spectralite's are $5.20

They don't accept credit cards so to keep from paying COD charges I have
them give me the shipping costs and I prepay with a check (they normally set
up accounts but that was too much trouble).  Even with the shipping charges,
the bulbs are still about half the price of what I can buy locally.

Bob Ashcraft
Butler, PA

> The Chroma 50s are sold as Sunlight bulbs in
> Home Despot type stores for about $8 for the 48 inch bulb.  ($16 at
> Graingers
> for the 36 inch....grumble)