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Hey, who's eating my plants?

Within the last couple of months I've had a problem with something
eating all of the new shoots on my anubias.  Possible suspects are:  15
3 inch long SAE's,  4 Praecox rainbows, a couple of platy's, and some
"blue/red" tetras.  The tetras are the most recent addition but that was
about 6 months ago.  I have no idea what the species is but they are a
high bodied fish two inches long with metallic blue bodies and bright
red tails and fins.  There are also some pond snails but they have been
in the tank since it was set up over a year ago.

I think it is most likely fish that are eating them because large bite
sized chunks are missing.  I've watched the tank but I've never seen
anything take a bite.

Any ideas who the culprit might be?