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Bad experience

Hi all,
I wish someone might tell me if it is possible to get really bad, broken
and snail-infested plants from Tropica. Three weeks ago I picked up 20
special ordered Tropica plants from Aquarium Services in Scarborough,
Ontario. The arrangment I had with the plant manager there, was that my
plants would be picked up myself as soon as they arrived in the store. I
went to the store as soon as he called and picked up my plants,waiting in
Tropica wrappers on a Tropica packing tray which holds 20 pots. When I got
home I couldn't believe the mess the Tiger Vallisneria was in,covered in
snails and eggs with many brown and dying leaves. All the plants had white
worms on them. The 3 different varieties were put into 3, newly setup
quarantine tanks. I have since notified the store of the problem with no
returned call. I later called Aquarium Services head office. No returned
call as promised. I emailed  Claus Christensen,vice-manager
of Tropica to ask him if their plants are sometimes grown submerged and to
let him know of my problem. Again no response. In the past I have bought
excellent plants when I just happened to be in the store when they arrived
but this time I wanted to plant an entire tank all at once with the plants
suited to my needs, so I special ordered them. Does anyone know of another
store in the Toronto area selling Tropica plants if in fact Tropica is not
to blame?
Thanks for your help. Also, could someone tell me how to kill the worms without
killing the plants too. These are not Planarians as they are 1/4" long and
wiggle through the water. There are also web-like structures between the
stems of some plants that might be cocoons. Yuk!

Susan Romano