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Lighting questions

>Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 18:08:31 -0400
>From: "Guangyan Wang" <lesenw-2 at idt_net>
>Subject: Lighting and algea problems
>    I have a planted aqurium for four month. For the past four month, thee
>algea growth are minimal. I use 2 15w flouresant, and 2 13w compacr
>flouresant over my 20 gallan high tank. In the past week, a new king algea
>appeared. It is thin, long threads with dark gray green color. the lenth of
>the threads are 2-3 inches. It grow on leaves of my plants. Also, I'm
>setting up a new light fixture by using GE's Chroma 50. Could anyone tell
>the color of the Bulob. Is it like real sunlight? Should I use 3 or 4 bulbs?
>Is 4 bulb to much light?

No. The cheap 4 foot fixtures contain a tar, iron and wire ballast and
these must be matched to the lamp length. For about $40.00 (see
http://www.grainger.com ) you can get an electronic ballast for T-8
flourescent tubes which will drive any lenght T-8 bulb up to four feet. The
electronic ballast will produce more light per watt of input power, improve
your lamp life, and give you brighter teeth and fresher breath ;-).

Home Depot sells the sockets. Get a few of these and screw them into your
wood hood.

See the the FAQ on lighting at actwin.com. All the issuses have been
covered ad nausem.


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