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Re:Overrun by Ocelot Sword

>Subject: Overrun by Ocelot Sword
>I've been lurking on this list since I set up a planted tank
>last fall. It's been great, and my tank is doing great and
>is now three tanks.
>It's doing so great, in fact, that this Ocelot Sword I got 
>has put out three spikes with 5 or 6 plantlets on each.
>They are blocking the light. They have to go, but I don't
>want to throw them away.
>Would anyone like them? Or can anyone recommend a fish store
>who would give me a credit? I'm in Baltimore, where is is
>warm and nice outside.

Try 2001: a Fish Odyessy, in the Podonia Village shopping center. Talk to 
Or also Exotic Aquatics (Was House of Tripicals) on Belair Road at the 


Ric Cooney
Aquatic Gardeners Association
rcooney at bcpl_net