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Nupra "S" Series Valve

Steve Dixon wrote:

>>>>I haven't bought one yet, but based on our discussion a few months ago I
think the "S" series will be best for our purposes.  See the Krib or
George's site for more info.  Swagelock, the maker/owner of Nupro
valves,has a web site with a distributor locator function.<<<

Steve's reply was in response to something I wrote to the APD about which
Nupra needle valve was the best: the "M" or "S" series.  I mistakenly said
that I bought an "M" series valve. I was wrong. I bought the B-SS4  ("S"
series), and Steve is correct - this is supposed to be the best one for our
purposes.  The cost of the valve, some couplers, and shipping was $55.

Sorry for the confusion,

Kenguin at homemail_com