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Re: Crypts enjoy strong light too

Neil wrote:
> Crypts can tolerate weak lighting... true. Crypts can benefit from stronger
> lighting... true. But not all crypts enjoy the same degree of lighting as
> other plants. For this reason, commercial growers have to control the
> amount of natural light they give crypts.... some more than others. This is
> despite the VERY rich substrates that they use. 

Could you be more specific about which Crypts must have controlled
lighting? I suspect the Crypts might saturate their rate of
photosynthesis at about 10-20% (?) of full sunlight (I'd have to double
check the figures Dave Huebert quoted) so they would derive little
benefit of lighting in excess of this. I think that when you refer to
controlled _natural_ lighting, you mean from sunlight and this would be
considered STRONG lighting relative to artificially lit aquaria. Are you
saying that some Crypts actually suffer from too strong lighting? I can
see that you might have problems with temperature and moisture content
if you were growing emersed plants; is that what you refer to Neil?
Which Crypts are the ones which suffer the most?

I think we should not advise hobbyists that they must use LOW lighting
for Crypts since that term usually refers to artificial light, not
filtered sunlight!