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RE: Flourish Iron Question

Hello Everyone,

In APD V3#262, Alysoun McLaughlin was asking about Flourish Iron:
> I have read the archives on Flourish and Flourite, but this hasn't been
> answered.
> I have a product called "Flourish Iron" which doesn't say
> anything specific
> about its contents.  Does this only contain iron (i.e., I'd better go look
> for a better full-range fertilizer), or is it the same as regular
> Flourish?

A few weeks ago, I send an e-mail message to Seachem asking them about the
contents of their products. This is the response that was sent to me by

- Begin Quote -

"You are correct in assuming that Flourish Iron is chelated iron product. It
is on our website under New Products. The website is curently being updated
and FI will be moved to a plant section that will also list all ingredients.

Flourish is described as a conditioner because different state laws in the
various 50 states (not exactly "united") make it difficult to describe the
product accurately without having the product be classified as a
"fertilizer" in some states, making it difficult to comply with
inconsistent laws. Fertilizer laws in the states are drawn up for
agricultural uses in mind and that often does not work with requirements
for aquarium applications. Flourish Iron should be available from your
dealer. If not, check our website for mail order sources."

- End Quote -

I look forward to seeing this information published. More companies might
start being so open about their products (of course, I'll believe it when I
see it). So, until Seachem gets around to updating their website, I guess
that we can assume that Flourish is indeed a fertilizer and Flourish Iron is
a chleated iron supplement. Both products should be complimentary and used
in tandem.

On a related note, a few years back, George Booth had Dupla products
analysed and he released the results. Would it be
possible/probable/doable/legal/ethical/moral to suggest that the AGA (a lot
of whose members receive this Digest) conduct similar testing of products
from other companies who market plant related products? I am specifically
thinking about such lines as Aqualine Buschke (Terralit, Terrapur Cones,
Floreal and Ferreal), Seachem (Prime, Flourite, Flourish, Flourish Iron),
ADA (Brighty K, Power Sand, Power Soil, Green Brighty Step,). If its legal,
it would certainly allow for more intelligent selection of products by us as
consumers and as aquatic gardners.

Just a thought...

James Purchase
Toronto, Ontario
jpurch at interlog_com