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Black brush algae

Interesting. I think I agree with you that CO2 only makes sense if you have
LOTS of light. BBA should do less good in higher PH, so I really do not
understand why some people advise to use it to combat BBA (which is why I
got it). IMHO CO2 only makes the BBA less obvious trough better plant
growth.Did your BBA die back completely? Did you manually remove the dead


>Exactly the same thing has happened to me.  When the >compressed co2 ran
>the BBA died back, The plants may grow slower, but at this point >it only
>means less pruning.  The tank essentially looks like I want it to.  I
>think I had enough light to fully utilize the co2 anyway.
>Kind Regards,
>Adam R. Novitt

>>Since my CO2 ran out and I stopped fertilizing (Sera Florena >>liquid or
>>tablet) completely things start looking a little better. The >Echinodorus
>realy started putting out leaves. Cabomba grows slower, new >anubias leaves
>still aren't covered with BBA.