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Black Brush Algae

>>I've only ever been lurking so far. The only reason I read this list (2
>>years) is to get rid of my black brush algae, the only real problem I've
had in my last 2
>>tanks. So far I did not see anything relevant.

>Dump the false SAE and for a 30 gal get 4 SAE.  They are a kick >to watch
>and will get rid of the algae.  Feed very lightly (no food left for the

>Dave Gomberg

I'd like to do that . I've seen SAE at work and they really look funny
acting like lawnmowers as they go over the leaves together. My false SAE is
a pain in the *, he hates yellow fish and won't stop chasing them. My
platies are yellow, but since there are so much of them, it's not really a
problem.In my previous tank he chased my schuberti barbs, sometimes till
they jumped out of the tank. He's almost impossible to catch though, and my
wife won't let me remove him.moreover, I heard that SAE won't really help
for an established BBA problem. As for feeding, I'm cutting down. My platies
remove all food in less than a minute. I still feed twice a day, I 'll try
once a day and see how it goes. This might help with the platy breeding
"problem" too...