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Re: : Soil Classification Question

Hello James:
> I've got a question for the geologists on the list, concerning the
> classification of some soil I would like to use in a new tank. Living as I
> do in a big city, finding soil that is free of industrial contamination is a
> challenge. I have located a source (thankfully within walking distance from
> home) of what I hope will be suitable substrate material.
> A reference on a local University's website to local geology states "the
> valley walls are inhabited by Sugar Maple, Eastern Hemlock and American
> Beech in rich, dark mesic soils." I can't find any definition of a "mesic
> soil" on the soil links listed in Steve's webpage. Anybody have any idea of
> exactly what this term means?

It means that the soil is well drained (ie not too much water) but 
still has a good water retention capability (ie enough water). Its 
the kind of soil most farmers and horticulturalists will commit 
murder for. 



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