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Re: Black Brush Algae

Wim Hanssens wrote:
I've only ever been lurking so far. The only reason I read this list (2
years)is to get rid of my black brush algae, the only real problem
I've had in my last 2 tanks. So far I did not see anything relevant.


You seem to have a high fish load and are making relatively small
water changes. (10% every 2/3 weeks)  You donít say what your nitrate
level is, but my guess is that it is high. I had a black brush algae
problem when because of a faulty test kit I allowed it to drift up to
about 50ppm. After making a series of 30% water changes to drive the
nitrate level down the algae began to disappear.  I,m not sure it was
just lowering the nitrate level that solved the problem, but I would
find pieces of it floating in the tank and within a couple of weeks it
was gone.  I keep the nitrate level below about 5ppm and the brush
algae has never returned.

In your case I would try a series of 30% changes then 30% changes
every 2 weeks.  

Jim Spencer
Sayre, PA

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