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Re: Fluval filter

Michael D Nielsen <mnielsen at U_Arizona.EDU> wrote:
>Something that I have done that makes maintaince easier and extends time
>between the tear down of canister filters is to cover the intake strainer
>with some foam.  I use the Aquaclear 500 foam blocks, cut the block to
>just an inch or so longer than the strainer, cut a hole or slice open the
>middle and then just shove this on the strainer.  THis traps far more
>debris than the plastic strainer, is easy to clean, just slip off, rinse
>Re: Fluval filter in water and put on again.  By trapping the stuff you
don't have >to clean the canister as often.  Also this is dirt cheap.

Here's another way to do the same thing.  Tetra makes a "billi" (foam) for
their "Brilliant Filters" that already has a nice circular hole in them.
These foams come in various shapes and can be purchased separately from the
other hardware for $3 or so (I used to have a LFS that ordered a couple of
dozen for me at $2 each).  They fit perfectly over the strainer tube of
Aquaclear minis, 150s, and 200s.  With slight stretching they will go over
the tube for the 300.  I think the tube for the 300 is the same one for the
500, so they should work there too.  They filter out much smaller particles
than the Aquaclear foam and don't require any cutting or shaping.  Cleaning
them is simple, sweeze them out under running water just like a sponge.
I've had mine for years and have yet to have to throw any out as unusable.
An added advantage is their dark gray color is less visible than the light
color of the Aquaclear foam.  With this pre-filter, you can put anything
you want into the Aquaclear compartment without worrying about it being
fouled (I use BioChem beads).  If your LFS doesn't have them, mail order
from Pet Warehouse (800.513.1913; www.petwhse.com) or That Fish Place
(888.842.8738; www.thatpetplace.com)(I'm sure there are other vendors too).