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Gray hair algae outbreak?

I went away for a 4-day weekend, and when I returned,
I noticed that all of my hygros had thick fuzzy fur
algae on them.  I've had a certain amount of this 
before, but the algae eaters (name sounds like otto-
sink-less, don't know true spelling), have always 
done a good job keeping it clean.  What would cause
this to occur?  Could it have been from overfeeding
of the fish by a freind that kindly put food in while
I was gone?  I have no fear that the algae eaters 
will consume it within a while, but I'm just curious
what caused this "outbreak". 

I usually do a 25% W.C. every week or so, using 
Aquarium Pharm.'s Tap Water Purifier.  The tank is
55 gal. and is moderately stocked with fish.  The
lighting consists of a 40W vita-lite and a 40W 
actinic white bulb.

Thanks alot!

  | Matt Parnell
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