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Re: Shane's SAE questions

> From: esarchy at wsunix_wsu.edu
> Subject: Dave's SAE questions
> 	So why good luck for some and bad for others? I recently received
> a copy of Robert's "Freshwater Fishes of West Borneo". This book has some
> excellent photos of three Crossocheilus spp. Guess what? They all look
> exactly like the fish known in the hobby as the SAE. Cyprinids are not my
> specialty so I have not developed a real good eye for them. However, the
> photos led me to wonder if there is not more than one Crossocheilus sp.
> that is imported into the hobby? Could there be some members of the genus

I wish I knew more about SAEs original home area and its relatives.
It is possible that there are either few closely related Crossocheilus
species or then there are subspecies of the SAE.  Claus Christensen
has some SAE-lookalikes in his (or Tropica's) tanks.  He has few
photos of them on his webpage, and to me they looked just like SAEs
with little less coloration than normals, but Claus assured me that
in real life they donīt look like normal SAEs.  One of my young SAEs
has much wider black band than the rest, but I assume that it is
just natural variation.
> that eat this algae and others that do not? Has anyone checked with
> importers to see where these fish are suppossed to be coming from? Has

One Finnish importer said to me some years ago, that he imports SAEs
from Borneo.  He didn't sound too trustworthy, so I just decided not
to believe him.  Now it seems that I really have to ask him again.

> anyone taken one apart and compared it to the holotype of C. siamensis or
> are we just guessing that the SAE is only one sp. and that sp. is C.
> siamensis?

There are rumours that at least one "real guru" (was it Heiko Bleher?)
has been collecting lots of fish from SE Asia, and might be publishing
something about SAEs and their relatives, too.