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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #728

In a message dated 97-05-24 03:44:30 EDT, knightend wrote:

<< I bought a freshwater mussel and I wanted to know all about it and water
 condition and such. >>

Just wanted to send a word of caution to anyone who may be temped to purchase
freshwater mussels (unionids).  Please take the time to check your state,
provincial, or national laws regarding these animals.  Many species are
extinct or heading there, and since they are not easy to identify, some
regions prohibit the collection of ALL species.  In Ohio for instance, it is
now against the law to even pick up empty shells.  Other states in the
Missisippi drainage probably have similar laws.  There was a good article on
unionids in the last issue of Discover Magazine.   Most folks are not aware
of the problem or the laws regarding unionids, so if you see some for sale
please pass this on to the shop owner.  By the way, very few people have had
any success keeping them alive for more than six months...they tend to waste
away due to a lack of appropriate planktonic food.

Pete Mohan