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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #704

In a message dated 97-05-12 16:37:49 EDT, Earle wrote:

<< I suspect this is a case where we hobbyists have outdone the commercial 
 aquariums, at least in the USA, and that if you want to see awesome tanks 
 you have to go into peoples homes.  I always enjoy showing folks my 
 setup.  Depending on interest a person can spend as little as 10 minutes 
 (a non fish person) or as much as 4 hours going through all the different 
 substrates, plants, fish spawnings etc. >>

Hi Earle,
     I've been off line for a couple of weeks, so am just catching up on the
discusssion on public aquariums and plants.  If nobody has already mentioned
it, the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga has done some awesome things with
native plants.  They even experimented with CO2 injection on a cosmic scale a
few years ago.
     There is no doubt that home aquarists have outdone the public aquarists
in this area.  The situation is very similar to what has happened with coral
systems over the last five years.  A number of public aquariums are now up to
speed on coral culture (my own facility included) but have yet to jump on the
plant bandwagon.  I hope to set something up this year and have been reading
everyone's posts with great interest.  I would be appreciative of any help
that you or others in the area could provide.  Karen Randall has been helpful
in steering me towards suppliers of plants and hardware,  and in answering
some early questions (thanks, Karen).
      I suspect that public aquariums will catch on...it's just a matter of

Pete Mohan
Curator of Fishes
Sea World of Ohio
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