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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #711

Thank you for that, I have been fumbling with this. I was surprised to notice
my bubbles still in the reactor days after I move everything else into a new
tank. The homemade reactor is a UGF tube with a center down tube (rigid
airline) and 8 umbrella holders spaced up the 8 inch tall tube. I machined
the umbrellas from pieces of the UGF large tube. I have read here that the
CO2 needs contact (dwell) time. I use a dual 2 liter bottle set up. Would I
want a dwell the same as pure CO2 to prevent absorption of bad gas? How much
time to hold the bubbles to dissolve the good CO2. Ballpark is fine, seconds,
minutes, hours?

Thank You,

<<The yeast is generating lots of minor byproducts, including alcohol, 
     but we can ignore those. They're of interest to home-brewers.  I think 
     the difference you see is because the yeast system is pushing a lot of 
     air (which is mostly nitrogen) and this doesn't dissolve readily.  The 
     bottled CO2 is pure and dissolves completely.>>