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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #713

Paul Snuggs described his H. polysperma stems were melting, and its
leaves and other plants' leaves developed holes and eventually either
detached or turned brown.  I had a similar problem with hygro. Tropical
Sunset (H.Poly. but reddish) and various swords.  The solution was to
add calcium to the tank.  Now I add one or two human vitamin calcium
tablets (Natural oyster shell calcium Kroger brand) each month in the
125g or when the the plants develop a few holes.  The tablets have 125
IU Vitamin D and 250mg Calcium from Calcium Carbonate (from Oyster
Shell).  Tank parameters are pH~6.8, temp 84F, GH and KH 2 GDH.  Haven't
measured the other stuff in a long time and need to do it.  Hope this
Rochelle Williams
t_rwilli at bellsouth_net