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what is wrong?

I need some help with my Crypts.  I have a 29 gallon aquarium with Amazon
Swords, Crypts and Crispus.  My Crypts are slowly dying and I can't figure
out why.  They are developing brown spots that originate from the base of the
leaves (at the tuber) which eventually spread throughout the leaves and kill
the plant.  I make a 10% water change with deionized water every week.  I
condition the deionized water with electroright and raise it's pH to 6.5. The
pH of the deionized water is below 6.0 if I leave it alone.  The following is
a list of my water parameters and other conditions:

Lighting - 2 20 watt bulbs  with a 12 hour photoperiod

CO2 - yeast method. I don't test the CO2 content of the water at this time.
          the yeast mixture every 2 weeks.

pH -6.5
Ammonia - 0
nitrite - 0
nitrate - really don't know.  I have not tested it for quite some time
phosphate - unmeasurable
KH - 2-3
GH - 5 to 6
temp - 78
iron - .01 to .02  I use Duplarite G in the substrate and suppliment with
Dupla Fe   
         suppliment every two weeks.

Could my problem be from the low KH or possibly something to do with the
nitrate which I have not tested?  Everything has been fine for about 1 1/2
years and this all of a sudden happens.  I did have pH problem a month or two
ago but that has been resolved.  The other plants are doing fine.  Any help
would be greatly appreciated.