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Val and Sag

David Brooks asked about the "rumor" that val and sag could not be grown 
together.  For years I tried to get sag to grow in a moderately planted 
val tank.  Never had any luck.  Never tried setting up a tank with lots 
of sag and then adding val.  (This would be a great high school science 
project.)   Currently I am growing beautiful corkscrew, straight and 
giant val along with a dwarf sag that multiplies as fast or faster than 
the val.  There are probably about 10 val plants for every sag plant.

I suspect the reason for my success is reasonably frequent water 
changes.  I change about 1/3 of the water every two weeks and would do 
more if I werent so lazy.  The water changes dillute any toxins produced 
by the entire tank including the ellusive alleotropes written about in 
the Aquatic Gardener magazine.  Seems plants produce defensive toxins and 
these can cause certain other species to fail.  When I read about that I 
assumed it was what caused my previous failure with sag/val so I tried 
some sag and darn if the stuff doesn't do great now.

My experience says you can grow them together if you do frequent water 
changes.  Of course this assumes you have the other parameters that allow 
them to flourish such as light, nutrients etc.

--Earle Hamilton from northern Michigan where coral once grew