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kitty litterite &.....

Hi, Dan,
I have decided to go with the ol' kitty litterite idea of yours, so I bought a
sack. I put some in a glass to do a pH change test and it dissolved leaving a
fine stuff at the bottom and a large  amount of material in suspension. This
surprised me as I had anticipated the litter staying in it's porous lump state
thereby facilitating aerobic conditions in the substrate. My Q's:
Is this supposed to happen]
Am I using the right stuff (I am n UK BTW)
If this is the right stuff, does not the suspension get in to the column at
vacuum/planting times? If so, how is it removed.
Do you "wash" it to remove the finest, suspensible (is that a real word or did I
just make it up?) material? If so, how?
On another, related subject, how do you go about washing sand?
I have just put some in 1/2 of my "experimental" tank, a 24", and it took about
four hours, and heaven knows how much water to wash this tiny quantity so that
no "dust" was in suspension. Is there a n easy way? I have a 40 gallon which i
need to set-up, and doing it this way will take about a month sand will drain
London dry. I am considering cannibalising a scrap washing machine to make a
centrifuge, but surely not EVERYONE who uses sand goes to such lengths?
Ps I was going to post similar questions to the APD, but I am in a hurry so I'll
just post this letter as is. Hope you or the APD don't mind,
Thanks for your wisdom, 
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Spug (Sparrow) London, UK.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>