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Re: moving plants outside

> Date: Mon, 12 May 1997 12:47:37 -0700 (PDT)
> From: jcochran at pinc_com (John Cochran)
> Subject: moving plants outside
> What sorts of containers do others use for this sort of aquatic gardening?
> Would an aquarium or something similar with a lid that allowed the
> retention of humidity be preferable to say an open container?

Glass seems like a suboptimal idea, both for safety and durability reasons.
You might try plastic tubs.  Wooden half-barrels are even better, as the
wood has some insulating qualities.  Water in a dark coloured plastic 
container can get a lot hotter than air temperature in the sun, even at
latitude 43N where I am (Toronto).   Setting a plastic tub into the ground
will help moderate the temperature.

> I don't plan
> to keep fish with them 

You may want to toss in a few guppies or some such to keep mosquitoes from
becoming a problem.

Btw, last summer I bought a lot of small Aponogetons and other plants with
the idea of growing them up outside to have nice big plants for a tank I
was planning to set up in the fall.  The morning after, I went out to find
that raccoons had eaten all the Aponogeton bulbs, shredded most of the rest
of the plants and tossed the bits around.

> many thanks for any ideas.

Hope this helps.  If anyone has ideas about deterring some very large and
strong urban raccoons (these guys trashed the neighbour's metal framed
kiddie pool later the same summer), I'd like to hear about them.