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RE: Rockgrass

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Sent: 	Monday, May 12, 1997 10:39 PM
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>Living in Houston, where the water has 5+ ppm phosphates directly out of
the tap, I have big algae problems.  Purified water does help, but is no
cure.  The SAEs don't seem to do much and the trumpet snails are happy,
but the algae is still winning. <

Before I got an RO unit, I used to pretreat my water by using a plant only 
(mostly algae) tank to detoxify the water.  My problem was nitrites in the 
well water that were killing the fish.  I had a dedicated tank with lots of 
light and a scaffold upon which algae could grow.  It was very much like 
the "algae scrubber" filtration system.  About a quarter of the water was 
used each week for the main tank and more tap water was added to the algae 
scrubber tank to detoxify.
Kind of inconvenient but effective.  I'm sure the same setup would work for 
removing excess phosphates.