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moving plants outside

The nice weather has finely arrived here on the coast and I have a question
for the list.  I would like to move some of my crypts to an outside
location for the summer.   When moving your plants from a submersed
environment and conditioning or preparing your plants to live in an emersed
environment, are there any potential pitfalls, snags or must dos?

What sorts of containers do others use for this sort of aquatic gardening?
Would an aquarium or something similar with a lid that allowed the
retention of humidity be preferable to say an open container?

 Should the water level in the "planter-aquarium" be just high enough so
that the leaves rest flat on the water surface to begin with? I don't plan
to keep fish with them so should I go with a richer substrate and if so
what do you suggest?

many thanks for any ideas.

Also, anybody in the Victoria, B.C. area looking for SAEs should give
Specht's Aquarium a call. Last week they had 25 or so (minus the 5 I took)
in the 3 inch range for $7.99 cdn each.

John Cochran
Photography & Digital Imaging
British Columbia Flyfishing Resources http://vvv.com/flyfish