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Re:Red Sea Plant Care Kit

I'll try this again- Sorry about the blank message.-

Tom Brennan wrote asking for any suggestion from people using the Red
Sea Plant Care Kit.

I ran several tests on the iron part of the kit using test solutions
made from ferrous sulfate and from chelated iron solutions.  I got
good agreement between my test solutions and the test kit(check the
April postings). I had no trouble seeing the difference between 0,
.1,.2 and .3 mg/L .

Some important points I found;

First you must view the test vial from the end and setting it in a
white cup facilitates viewing the color.

The color takes awhile to develop and you should wait the 10 minutes
suggested in the kit    I waited 15min.

The light gray color at .2mg/L might be confused with the light blue
at no iron.

In any event, somewhere around .2mg/l it turns to a brown color and
you won't miss that.

Shortly after setting up a new tank and making only a few Flourish
additions I compared my tank water with the tap water I used to fill
it and I had no problem seeing that aquarium water had iron in it.

As for the CO2 part of the kit I didn't get satisfactory results from
it at all.

Jim Spencer   Sayre, PA
jrs at cyber-quest_com